Just testing this out with my first blog post!  Having fun learning how to use wordpress, think that I’m getting the hang of it. Changed the page name and Twitter page to fansite rather than fan page – there is a facebook page with that name, thought it best to avoid confusion.  Got quite a few galleries up for various productions, still working on getting some info up about Niall’s different projects.  Haven’t attempted Primeval screenshots yet, let alone Eureka – they will involve a bit more work due to quantity! Begun the process of archiving some old interviews (one of my reasons for setting up this site!), and linking videos.  Also, the news section is up to date and will continue to be updated as relevant. Filmography is complete – working on the biography!  As said, starting to get a feel for how this whole thing works, and enjoying the process, which was the point really! Sure no one is reading this yet, but got to start somewhere!