Niall Matter Fansite

Unofficial source for info on Canadian actor Niall Matter


Disclaimer: This site is dedicated to the career of Canadian actor Niall Matter. It is in no way associated with the actor himself or any of his representatives.  The purpose of this site is to collate information regarding the career of Niall Matter into one central location.

I began following the career of Niall Matter after watching him in Eureka.  I was a fan of the show, and remember thinking he was a good addition when he was first introduced back in season 2.  As the show continued into season 3, and Niall’s character Zane’s relationship with Jo Lupo continued to progress, I honestly didn’t give  him much thought.  I loved Jo, and was pleased they were developing another side to her, but that was about it.

Then came season 4.  A reboot of sorts, with what came to be irreversible changes to the in-universe timeline.  One of those changes being Jo and Zane’s relationship, and it now having never existed.  That alteration changed my perspective on the show!  The central relationship, for me at least, now became that of Jo and Zane’s.  It was fascinating to watch Jo deal with the loss and betrayal she felt at having her potential happy ending swept from under her, portrayed so fantastically by Erica Cerra.  But even more fascinating was watching Zane, now  having resumed more of his mischievous character, deal with the implications of having lost a love he’d never known.  I was fascinated by their story.  So began my first ventures into online fandom, into fan fiction and into religiously looking for spoilers for next week’s episodes!

Eureka is long gone, but my affection for this couple, and for Niall’s portrayal of Zane in particular has remained.  I have continued to follow his career, and in fact have made a point over the last few years of updating his Wikipedia entry.  Along the way I have read many interesting interviews given by Niall, referencing those in his entry where appropriate.  However, as time passed, and articles started to disappear from the web, I began to think that it would be nice to have a central location to archive articles, should anyone other than me be interested!  Additionally, I had been interested in trying my hand at developing a blog, just for a bit of fun. Thus, I hit upon the idea of a fansite!

I have done my best to include only information and images here that Niall himself has put into the public domain – whilst looking for online resources information about family and friends inevitably surfaces, but I have endeavoured to maintain a respectful level of privacy, and would appreciate that anyone who posts to this site does the same.

I hope that anyone who has found their way here finds it a useful and interesting resource! Please let me know if you have any ideas or content you think should be included.


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