Niall Matter Fansite

Unofficial source for info on Canadian actor Niall Matter



Marrying Father Christmas Behind the Scenes with David Winning (cropped)

“Marrying Father Christmas” – Ian McAndrick

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries – TV Film


The Predator Poster

The Predator” – Sapir

Feature Film


Aurora Teagarden Poster

“Reap What You Sew: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery” – Nick Miller

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries – TV Film


Frozen in Love Poster

“Frozen in Love”- Adam Clayborn

Hallmark Channel – TV Film


Engaging Father Christmas Promo 2

Engaging Father Christmas” – Ian McAndrick

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries – TV Film


Supernatural Poster

Supernatural” – Buddy

The CW – Season 13, Guest Role, Episode “The Big Empty”


The Good Doctor Poster

The Good Doctor” – Mark Allen

ABC – Season 1, Guest Role, Episode “Pipes”


iZombie Poster

iZombie” – Sage Denning

The CW – Season 3, Guest Role, Episode “Some Like it Hot Mess”

When Call the Heart Poster

When Calls the Heart” – Shane Cantrell

Hallmark Channel – Season 4, Recurring Role (5 episodes)


Chokeslam PosterChokeslam” – Tab Hennesey

Feature Film


Finding Father Christmas Poster

Finding Father Christmas” – Ian McAndrick

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries – TV film


Girlfriends Guide to Divorce Poster.png

Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce” – Joaquin

Bravo – Season 2, Guest Role, Episodes “Rule #79: Labels Are for Canned Goods”, “Rule #14: No Means… No”

A Snow Capped Christmas Poster 2

A Snow Capped Christmas” (aka “Falling for Christmas”) – Paul

Up Network – TV film

Stop the Wedding Poster

Stop the Wedding” – Clay

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries – TV film


Remedy Poster.jpg
Remedy” – Dr Peter Cutler

Global – Season 2, Main Cast

Rizzole & Isles.jpg

Rizzoli & Isles” – Detective Mike Guthrie

TNT – Season 5, Guest Role, Episode “In Plain View”


Arcitc Air Promo Photo

Arctic Air” – Tag Cummins

CBC – Season 3, Recurring Role (7 episodes)


Artic Air VIP Lounge 1

“Arctic Air:VIP Lounge”

Bonus Scences, CBC Website

Motive Promo Photo.jpg

Motive“- Damian Cutter

CTV – Season¬†2, Guest Role, Episode “Overboard”


Ally Was Screaming Poster

Ally Was Screaming” – Andrew

Feature Film (Nominated for AMPIA award)


Constantine Poster

Constantine” – Darrell

NBC – Season 1, Guest Role, Episode “The Rage of Caliban”


Honor Student Poster

Honor Student” – Nicholas Howarth

Lifetime – TV film


Primeval New World Poster

Primeval New World” – Evan Cross

Space – Season 1, Main Cast


90210 Poster

90210” – Greg

The CW- Season 4, Guest Role (5 episodes)



“Exley” – ¬†George Wilson

Feature Film


“Dawna” – Pimp

Short Film


Warehouse 13 Poster.jpg

Warehouse 13” – Gary Whitman

SyFy – Season 1, Guest Role, Episode “Duped”


Watchmen Poster

Watchmen” – Byron Lewis/Mothman

Feature Film


Watchmen Under the Hood (comic cover)

“Under the Hood” – Byron Lewis/Mothman

Faux documentary – included in “Watchmen” DVD extras


Melrose Place Poster.jpg

Melrose Place” – Rick Paxton

The CW – Season 1, Recurring Role (3 episodes)


Loch Ness Terror Cover

“Loch Ness Terror” – Josh Riley

Syfy – TV Film


Fear Itself Poster

“Fear Itself” – Eddie

NBC – Season 1, Guest Role, Episode “New Year’s Day”


Secrets of the Summer House Poster

“Secrets of the Summer House” – Peter Hughes

TV Film


Dr Dolittle Poster

“Dr. Dolittle: Tail to the Chief” – Cole Fletcher

Direct-to-video Film


Eureka Poster

Eureka” – Zane Donovan

Syfy – Recurring Role (Seasons 2 and 3), Main Cast (Seasons 4 and 5)

Stargate Atlantis Poster.jpg

Stargate Atlantis” – Lieutenant Kemp

Syfy – Season 4, Guest Role, Episodes”Tabula Rasa”, “Be All My Sins Remembered”

The Best Years Cover

The Best Years” – Trent Hamilton

Global – Season 1, Main Cast


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